Friday, June 25, 2010

Hate and then love to Death!

I don't know why but this tends to happen EVERY single time with everything or anyone i am involved with in any way. I always begin with hating something so terribly but then ultimately bitter hate turns to beautiful never ending love! So by now, i know how things would usually turn out. i shall explain using real life encounters to make it easier for the less blessed :)

E.g. 1 : I hated cheap Punjabi numbers in the beginning .. but now i jump and wave like my fellow Punjabis when i hear 3rd grade songs like Amplifier *that i also posted on my blog a while back*

E.g 2 :  I hated my every best friend and boy encounter but ended up falling in complete and utter selfless love with each one of them

E.g 3 : I HATED Proenza Schouler's Spring 2010 RTW .. the fashion blokes will be pointing fingers at me when i say this .. but now i have to admit .. im in LOVE again !

I am in love with it so much that i instantly picked up a fabric that reminded me so much of this collection from a local shop! 

I have to agree that deciding fabrics is a huge confusion when u have the same print (as above) in soo many vibrant colours !! I am usually a basic colour person and choose greys/blacks/dead pinks/blues without a wink than any of these trippy hues. 2meters is enough to make a careless kaftanesque topfor myself so that i can roam around carefree on an empty beach somewhere in Goa with some refreshing coconut water ..

Photos courtesy : Style


Anonymity said...

Miss Khanna, what about things you like at first go?

Juhi said...

well.. its goes like this *most of the times* ..
i love it first
then i like it
then its whatever ..
Did i ever even love THIS !!!

Anonymity said...

I hope that doesn't hold true for people as well... :D