Monday, June 7, 2010

Eiffel on my neck

We are a pack of 4 really really close friends that have stuck to each other since school and if we go touring it usually happens that any one of us gets the other three something.. 

One of my best friends came back from Hong Kong and i am so delighted she got me this !

I am an absolute accessory junkie and i cannot leave behind a classic neck piece if i spot one. Having been on the look out for the perfect Key charm for the longest of time, my search having this piece with me has ended. This also doubles up as my birthday present! 

Dedicated to V 


Vaidehi Sharma said...

thankyou babe
and i am glad u like
And why Eiffel tower? because one day four of us will be partying there real hard!!
yay!! cant wait.

Juhi said...

ofcourse we will .. !

Amnn.......//1! said...

ok just to be clear ..
is tat just a key chain /...?
tat big ,,?? or r u suppossed to wear it in ur hand or neck??

Juhi said...

The heading of the post is "eiffel on NECK" ! WHERE DO U THINK I WOULD WEAR IT ! :P