Friday, May 28, 2010

I Wantttt!

This is what i shouted at the poor little tailor when i saw this fabric. Isn't it the cutest ! This design was specifically printed on cotton fabric for kids wear at the export house I am currently interning in. Sadly i got hardly any fabric to incorporate it into a garment and since the time i have held my hands onto this .. my mind is running errands trying to think of what i can turn it into !

Turning this into my make-up clutch is on mind but i would really like some suggestions first !


Anonymity said...

Miss Khanna, though my fashion sense is rather non-existent, I do have a suggestion to make. I suggest you turn this into a scarf.

My apologies if the suggestion is lame.

Juhi said...

The fabric is as small that itl make a little hankie !! :(

Anonymity said...

Zamn... okay I have to ask a question... do you really like this print? As in, like it enough to invest a bit of your time?