Monday, May 17, 2010


The Big Bang Theory is an American Sitcom that first aired in 2007 and has continued to be a huge success even after its completion of the 3rd season. I have never been able to laugh at any sitcom as much as the legendary "FRIENDS" but Big Bang Theory sure changed that ..

Its just the kind of humor you need: Intelligent to the extent of being geeky yet sarcastic and super funny. The star of the show is undoubtedly Dr. Sheldon Cooper aka Jim Parsons. You have to see him to believe him.. no one in this entire Big Bang world can play his act !

Everything seems to be intriguing about this character to me .. even his clothes ! In my opinion, the tees he sports (which are as a result of his inexplicable love for comics)  have the been the beginning of wearing comic characters on your front!

Simon Helberg who plays the role of Howard Wolowitz, the geeky aerospace engineer, still lives with his mother and considers himself to be a "Ladies Man" is my second most loved character in The Big Bang Theory. As much as i adore him for his cheeky lines, i always have my eyes open to check out his belts!!


In the new season too, i noticed him wearing a Pac Man Belt Buckle !

Boy! These guys make me crack up and i can have a Big Bang Theory Marathon everyday !!


Anonymity said...

Couldn't agree with you more here. And, what's really amazing about this show is that it actually focuses on science. Not a big fan of any character in particular (except Leonard), but I simply love the many science/logic jokes, and of course the dig on nerd culture.

PS: The buckle in the last picture is not a Pac Man Belt Buckle; it's a Nintendo NES controller belt buckle.

Juhi said...

I knew someone would think im refering to his buckle as Pac man.. but i meant that
"Another one that i saw was Pac Man

P.S. i know that is not Pac Man and is Nintendo ! :P

Amnn.......//1! said...

sheldon tries to be like mr bean ,,,!!

Juhi said...

OMG no !!!
Mr. Bean is stupid !!! .. nothing compares to Sheldon !