Friday, May 14, 2010

Shopped till i dropped !

Its a new phase in life for me .. which means new clothes are needed ! *duh !*
But my latest shopping extravaganza made my ideas about fashion stronger and i would like to share the wisdom with you all as well :)

I was in desperate need of formal wear as i begin working coming Monday morning and i had to find sturdy work wear FAST !
Also i was running on budget, so i couldn't splurge on anything and everything i liked..

My search began at two of the most popular malls in Mumbai : Inorbit (Malad) & Atria (Worli). After dragging myself to all the branded stores and trying on a minimum of 100 garments, i was not satisfied with any one of them at all and ended with empty hands !

So i decided to shop the way i believe in and then onwards it was a smooth ride ..
I strongly believe in Value for Money Clothing and I'd rather buy 20 garments costing me  Rs.10,000 than shopping for 4 items of clothing that still cost me the same. Being Qualified as a Fashion Designer, i know the value of fabric and labour that goes in creating a garment and thus I am not fooled by Branding gimmicks and their associated high prices!

It started off with wanting formal pants (jeans not included). I am unfortunately not blessed with model legs so finding pants is a sheer pain as there are a lot of curves to flatten and hide. Sticking to colors like Grey/White/Black/Brown got me the pants i wanted in the right fit and budget from a small store in Juhu,Mumbai

My next need took me right back to the streets of Mumbai. I am a proud Street Shopper and can get any Brand loyal Freak to shame. Hill Road, Bandra is a treasure chest for shoppers and i highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a Budget buy still not willing to compromise on the quality and the Wow Factor. I got everything i needed from the streets and came back home to an almost new wardrobe !!

When it comes to shoes for running around in the office, you want them to be basic, sturdy and those that do not give you shoe bites !

I have really tiny feet. A dear friend suggested i have Chinese feet and that gave me my hint to shop in stores that sell goods from Bangkok. And JACKPOT ! I found  all shoes in my size there !!

Off-White Ballet flats, perfect for pairing them with almost anything!

Grey Pumps with a Bow (cute yet work wear appropriate)

And Saving the best for the last
Leather wedges with gold detail on the back 
*Reminds me of Queen Michelle!*

And don't argue with me when i say that all of these shoes are under Rs.595! Coz YES THEY ARE!

*In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, "Feel what i what you to feel.... JEALOUS!!*


Anonymity said...

I don't see a good watch in there... :O

This is blasphemy.

Anonymity said...

Forgot to add in the above:

How's the internship coming along?

Juhi said...

i had a thing for watches earlier .. i have sort of lost the lust ..

internship starts tomorrow !!
wish me luck ! :)

Anonymity said...

Best of luck Miss Khanna... do yourself proud.

Juhi said...


divya said...

j'aime ur shoes....dey r fantastic in such a price!!!!!

Juhi said...

Good to see ur commont Divya on my blog !! .. Link me up to ur Blog too !

divya said...

hey my blog account has been closd for tym i wud b sartn ven i wud resume dat i wud surely send u ....