Monday, May 17, 2010

Stuck to this Chumbak !

If you have been reading my blog, you will know of  my love for anything kitschy and i now extend my love towards CHUMBAK !
Chumbak is brand of Indian souvenirs born out of love for India and the love for Travel. Its started out as an idea to create interesting fridge magnet souvenirs but has now over a period of less than two months has expanded to a full fledged brand consisting of T-shirts/bookmarks/coffee mugs/bags/pens/books and even Boxers for men!

They even have pens dedicated to a particular state that open up to give you a gist about the place!

My love for Kitsch grows triple-fold when i see ideas like these popping up every now and then. Oh! i almost forgot to tell you the best part..Its prices! So affordable and can be shipped as well!



Anonymity said...

That's a good find Miss Khanna.

Juhi said...

its an awsome find Mr.Bhatia ! i m waiting to pick up a few things for my fridge !