Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sweet No More !

I have never been a fan of Fastrack watches .. but that brand has always been under my scanner .. i think they have a great potential of becoming a really good brand for the youth .. but sadly .. that doesnt seem to be happening ..

Their new venture .." Fastrack Girl" introduces Sunglasses only for the fairer sex and they have roped in Genelia D'Souza as their brand ambassador. I was quite surprised to see Ms. Genelia in her punk inspired avatar .. Its a huge upgrade for her ..

For someone who looked like this

Is now THIS !

Now this is what getting in professional help does to you ! :D

Anyways .. coming in back to the product .. i rather not talk about it .. 
Its boring and i wouldn't buy those old fashioned sunglasses even if they are Rs.695 onwards .. ! blah !

P.S. Is it just me .. or even u agree that Genelia resembles Priyanka Chopra in the second pic ? 


Anonymity said...

You are not alone in thinking "that Genelia resembles Priyanka Chopra in the second pic."

Juhi said...