Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So I am Back !

Final paper = Check
Final Year = Check


I can finally call myself as a qualified F*cking FASHION DESIGNER NOW ! *Big bang yay!!!*

So to celebrate the success and give myself a break .. i went off with  my best friends .. for 3 days .. and did just about NOTHING ! but surprisingly i found myself tired .. exhausted .. little lonely as well .. but it was sure a well deserved break .. *pics of which i shall upload in a few days as and when i get them*

And i came back to a New Laptop!!!! My new soul mate ... i use my lappy like a desktop and it almost never leaves my side .. the previous one lated for a good 3 years ... and i think it died in natural course .. coz the air that prevails here is completely toxic .. so a new laptop was mandatory .. was about time .. :)

So we are the proud owners of Dell Inspiron 15 .. *im sort of falling in love with it now*

:) :) :)

My first post on my new Lappy .. I Welcome you honey! :P

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