Friday, May 7, 2010


Well this is something very few people know about me ... I lovee using men's perfume ..
The reason could well be .. i HATE floral scents .. and i dnt give a sh*t about attracting a guy's attention by my fragrance .. i'd rather have a scent that i would like to smell on myself ! Makes sense right ? Ofcourse it does !

So i have been the biggest fan of Davidoff Cool Water for the longest of time .. its just timeless ..

And now Davidoff launches its next called "Hot Water" ..

I sure am excited to try this one .. 
The bottle is HOT !
The packaging lives upto its name ..
All i hope is the fragrance gives justice to the name Davidoff has created for its fragrances .. 

*Did you notice the guy in the Hot Water ad .. Boy everything about this fragrance seems soo Hot ! ;) *


pooja said...

Hey great...even i like Men's perfumes as they are long lasting and not too floral ;)

Juhi said...

yeah !! thats the way to go !! :)

Vaidehi Sharma said...

i've worn mens parfume throughout my school life.... it was just a symbol of strength to me at that time.
if u dn like florals try out
CK contradiction thats my all time favourite unisex :)

Juhi said...

i loove CK contradiction too !!
there are hardly any floral scents that i like .. i had this one gifted to me .. in the 7th grade .. i still have it .. coz i can get the fragrance .. but the perfume in it is over .. blissful !!