Monday, May 17, 2010

One Door opened to another Door Closed

So i finally began my journey in the big bad real world so to say. A Job! *actually an internship* that began today at 10:30am sharp ! Leaving behind the carefree doors of college life to entering in hell shaped as the fashion industry didn't really seem so bad ! In fact it was darn Good.

Whatever we learnt and mugged in design college is actually being put to practical use. I feared i would come across as a dumb fashion blonde but i could hold my bright brains up and run around to complete tasks. Talking to the pattern masters and tailors has always been my forte, so that was easy too. But i learnt a lot about how the international fashion industry works. Being a small part of the export design team does expose you to a world of knowledge and expands your horizons in a matter of hours that so easily flew by though I yearn to learn so much more ..


Anonymity said...

Good on you girl... Just remember one thing:

Don't Panic.

Juhi said...

hahah .. nice tip !