Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Beginnings .. with a lot of Chaos .. Excitement .. Happiness :)

I have been wanting to talk about issues .. new happenings in the fashion world .. but i seem to be just caught up with things in my own life .. ! 

To start with .. I am now Interning with Bombay Rayon Fashions Ltd (BRFL). Its a HUGE export house and im just soo delighted to be a part of it. It all hapened today when i went to give my interview. 2 very important men in the design team took my interview. The first guy was easy .. but the second guy was Tough ! .. He asked me questions that were expected .. nothing out of the box .. but its impact hit me by the way he asked me ! i sure was Nerve Wrecked.. ! I have a month to intern with them .. and then 2 projects to present after which they will decide if im worth keeping or better off to let go .. i want them to choose the former .. :)

So lots to learn in a very short time .. im like a sponge now .. 

Talking of learning in a short time .. by now if u read my blog like ur bible everyday .. you would know how passionate i am about dance .. and its now time to Bless SHAIMAK DAVAR!
He has got Tara-Jean and Vincent.. Winners of So you Think You Can Dance 2009 Canada to Mumbai .. 
Both these talents are conducting workshops at Grant Road and Juhu .. and i currently spend one whole hour with Tara-Jean everyday !!! 

Its been 2 classes .. where we learnt contemporary and street Salsa routines .. everyday we look forward to a new form .. and tomorrow is HIP HOP ! im so excitedd!.. Tara is absolutely brilliant .. Her energy in class in INFECTIOUS ! 

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