Friday, May 28, 2010

I Wantttt!

This is what i shouted at the poor little tailor when i saw this fabric. Isn't it the cutest ! This design was specifically printed on cotton fabric for kids wear at the export house I am currently interning in. Sadly i got hardly any fabric to incorporate it into a garment and since the time i have held my hands onto this .. my mind is running errands trying to think of what i can turn it into !

Turning this into my make-up clutch is on mind but i would really like some suggestions first !

100th pOst !! and my 21st birthday !! (belated)

I don't know why i am so excited now after my 21st birthday is over a few minutes back .. but im sure as hell excited about about 100th POST !
I think
I dream
Get Inspired
I write
.......and then re-write
Be cruel
and Drool
I share
I grow
and in the end .. i still learn something new about myself

Happy 100th Post my Blog .. and Happy *Belated* Birthday to me too :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Snip Snap !

When it comes to my hair .. i go to get a cut once a year and i do not mind paying big bucks for it as i treat this activity as an investment. Everything goes wrong when you have bad hair days. I generally don't play around with  hairstyles and haven't chopped the length since 15 years !!!

So i finally did it ! .. Yes all my hair is gone .. *well not all .. the best ones are still there ! *

I now have a "Before"

And "After Makeover" look!

P.S. This is also my 99th post :D

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cannes Film Festival 2010 .. Part Trois

The Third picture is Aishwarya Rai's appearance 2 years back.. the first two is her appearance for the third day at Cannes Film Festival. Looks so similiar to me! Though i prefer Ash in her appearance with Abhishek. Its so much more glamorous and the open hair suits her better.

This is their most recent appearance, and im so glad Ash made Indians proud with her choice of a SABYASACHI sari. Not many people can go wrong when they wear Sabyasachi .. His clothes are to die for.. and this sari tops the list. How much ever i adore this 6 yard garment i am so  disapointed with her choice of hair do. It adds years to her age! As i suggested earlier, open hair suits her the best.

Abhishek on the other hand, looks quite a dapper ! 

Cannes Film Festival 2010 .. Part Deux

Continuing my previous post on Bollywood gracing the red carpet are The actress of the moment "Deepika Padukone" and ever so attention hungry Mallika Sherawat!

Methinks Deepika looks lovely in this Rohit Bal Sari. For once someone made Indians proud by wearing the sari and accessorizing  it so well. Ash should learn something from these newcomers! 
*Notice Rohit Bal giggling on the side in the 1st pic! Good to see him hale and hearty again*

Mallika Sherawat on the other hand went all out to promote her upcoming movie "Hisss" in a yellow and black dress. Its whatever. No point discussing about the dress or the movie.. *Sigh!*

Her next appearance made me a little interested. I seem to like this Dolce & Gabbana bustier frock dress and i don't mind the color.. the scrunched hair looks good on her as well. Good come back !

The pink suits Mallika a lot but i think its way to simple for an event a big as Cannes Film Festival. A bit of detailing could go a long way in making this appearance memorable. In clear words, i expect more drama from her than this pink slate!

Cannes Film Festival 2010

Cannes Film Festival has become a playground for some of the Bollywood Celebs now and images of them have been fleeting all over the place since Film Festival began hardly a few days ago.

Aishwarya Rai being the first Bollywood actor to be on the Jury of the Festival in 2003 has now a strong presence on the red carpet and unlike the previous years, this time around she has been seen wearing not so awful gowns after all !!

Ash here seen wearing an Elie Saab, I love the color and the gown but just cannot take my eyes off from that over sized puff of hers !! Ash! you were so close this time ..

Now this is so much more like it ! 
Ash in Emilio Pucci

Neck up, she looks Gorgeous. But i am not particularly fond of this Armani Prive black number and the shoes are Hideous

I like this look on her..simple, elegant and thank god for no puffs !!

Ash's third consecutive black dress. Herve Leger this time. Though the dress looks just fine, i could use some color on her

*Other Bollywood celebs covered in next post*

Monday, May 17, 2010

One Door opened to another Door Closed

So i finally began my journey in the big bad real world so to say. A Job! *actually an internship* that began today at 10:30am sharp ! Leaving behind the carefree doors of college life to entering in hell shaped as the fashion industry didn't really seem so bad ! In fact it was darn Good.

Whatever we learnt and mugged in design college is actually being put to practical use. I feared i would come across as a dumb fashion blonde but i could hold my bright brains up and run around to complete tasks. Talking to the pattern masters and tailors has always been my forte, so that was easy too. But i learnt a lot about how the international fashion industry works. Being a small part of the export design team does expose you to a world of knowledge and expands your horizons in a matter of hours that so easily flew by though I yearn to learn so much more ..

Stuck to this Chumbak !

If you have been reading my blog, you will know of  my love for anything kitschy and i now extend my love towards CHUMBAK !
Chumbak is brand of Indian souvenirs born out of love for India and the love for Travel. Its started out as an idea to create interesting fridge magnet souvenirs but has now over a period of less than two months has expanded to a full fledged brand consisting of T-shirts/bookmarks/coffee mugs/bags/pens/books and even Boxers for men!

They even have pens dedicated to a particular state that open up to give you a gist about the place!

My love for Kitsch grows triple-fold when i see ideas like these popping up every now and then. Oh! i almost forgot to tell you the best part..Its prices! So affordable and can be shipped as well!


Resort Wars

Two of the biggest fashion houses launched their Resort lines for 2011 recently : Dior & Chanel

Dior Resort Wear

Dior opened its runways to Shanghai with a resort collection inspired by the French New Wave. As always, John Galliano made it a glamorous spectacle. The colors progressed from lovely ice-cream shades to the glamorous greys and blacks. Interesting patterns and i love the colors of the Lady Dior bags *Notice the 1st and the 3rd pic above)

Chanel Resort Wear

I never like Chanel. In fact i Detest it. The above pictures explain my words
The collection started beautifully but then it completely lost its focus and elegance.

In this war, Dior Resort wins hands down !

Pics Credit:


The Big Bang Theory is an American Sitcom that first aired in 2007 and has continued to be a huge success even after its completion of the 3rd season. I have never been able to laugh at any sitcom as much as the legendary "FRIENDS" but Big Bang Theory sure changed that ..

Its just the kind of humor you need: Intelligent to the extent of being geeky yet sarcastic and super funny. The star of the show is undoubtedly Dr. Sheldon Cooper aka Jim Parsons. You have to see him to believe him.. no one in this entire Big Bang world can play his act !

Everything seems to be intriguing about this character to me .. even his clothes ! In my opinion, the tees he sports (which are as a result of his inexplicable love for comics)  have the been the beginning of wearing comic characters on your front!

Simon Helberg who plays the role of Howard Wolowitz, the geeky aerospace engineer, still lives with his mother and considers himself to be a "Ladies Man" is my second most loved character in The Big Bang Theory. As much as i adore him for his cheeky lines, i always have my eyes open to check out his belts!!


In the new season too, i noticed him wearing a Pac Man Belt Buckle !

Boy! These guys make me crack up and i can have a Big Bang Theory Marathon everyday !!